Product Catalog (CSV, Excel) Import module 6.4.0

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Product Catalog (CSV, Excel) Import module

Product Catalog (CSV, Excel) Import module is a useful module specially designed for importing with PrestaShop products.

Add products to the online store catalog and update information about products; For example, when importing data from price changes, availability, features, price list files, it significantly reduces the time required to keep the catalog up to date compared to manual management of goods. history.

The procedure for importing products into PrestaShop is not easy, given the possibility of importing standard products from the platform. The stock import feature in PrestaShop is pretty confusing and includes minimal features. A functional, fast and convenient method of product management is a great choice for the modern state of the online store. Our product catalog import module allows you to easily import and update your product catalog. It allows you to extend the initial import functionality and can be easily configured in a few steps.

Product Catalog (CSV, Excel) Import module Features:

  • E-mail notification automatic import function: allows you to configure automatic import and get the corresponding report to your e-mail address.
  • Multiple Image Import and Thumbnail Generation: Allows you to import product images using 2 methods: images in a comma-separated area or each image in a separate area.
  • Combination import methods: combination in a field, each attribute, and value in a separate field, each combination in a separate line in the file creates combinations from the attribute values.
  • Import categories by category name, category ID, or category tree.
  • Import functions: the name of the functions that you can enter manually or select from the file.

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