Point of Sale System 3.6.2 – WooCommerce (POS Plugin)

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Point of Sale System for WooCommerce (POS Plugin)

Point of Sale System 3.6.2 – WooCommerce (POS Plugin)

Point of Sale System for WooCommerce provides store owners with the functionality to easily manage their online stores as well as physical stores. Physical stores will have a front-end POS management system where the manager can appoint a store representative who can easily manage the sales and customers in that particular store.

The POS system can work both online and offline, with the function of synchronizing all sales and customer data in the offline store with the online store every time you go online. The module plays a vital role in increasing daily sales by having a management system to manage online stores together with physical stores.

Note: We provide the production version of the plugin because the production version is much faster and more efficient to use in the live version. If you need the development version of the plugin, please create a ticket at [email protected] Then we will deliver the same to you.

POS desktop application POS plug-in with the world’s first POS desktop application. We make it easy for our users to install desktop apps for any operating system from the Google Chrome browser.

The user can also extend the features and functions of the POS using complements developed specifically for the POS. Extensions like this:

– Point-of-sale price rule provides various discount features that can be applied to specific items or all items in the store for different situations. The discounted price is displayed with the actual price on the POS to inform customers of the discounted product.

– POS Barcode Inventory Plugin gives the manager the option to directly scan the product barcode to assign stock to a product from the backend and then assign the inventory to the product accordingly.

– POS Return Order Plugin makes it easy for the POS user to create a refund if a customer returns an order or product. As soon as the POS user creates a return for an order, the order status changes to return, and the stock of the items in the order is automatically updated.



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