phpWallet 3.9 – e-wallet and online payment gateway system

You are currently viewing phpWallet 3.9 – e-wallet and online payment gateway system
phpWallet - e-wallet and online payment gateway system.

phpWallet 3.9 – e-wallet and online payment gateway system

phpWallet 3.9 for a customized online payment solution for your country’s local currency to integrate with your local business? Or maybe you want to start your own payment gateway site like PayPal. phpWallet is the script solution you were looking for.
With the payment gateway script, you can easily accept any physical financial company / bank or online payment platform as a deposit and withdrawal method for your site. Also, set a fee amount that you will earn for every purchase in the online store connected to your site’s API and money transfers made through phpWallet.

How does phpWallet work?

The basic concept behind this payment gateway script is that behind the scenes there has to be someone (site administrator) managing everything.

To process withdrawal requests, manually send funds to non-admin script bank accounts and reduce the user’s wallet balance by clicking a button after the offline bank transfer process is complete.

And the admin also defines the currency / currency exchange rates from the admin panel.


  • android app
  • Responsive user interface.
  • 6 color exterior view.
  • Built with Bootstrap 4.
  • Unlimited deposit methods.
  • Unlimited withdrawal methods
  • Email Notifications
  • REST API. [open to the postman]
  • Email Verification One Time Password (OTP)
  • Currency exchange
  • Multiple money wallets
  • Money transfers
  • Retention
  • Funds user’s wallet from admin panel
  • Coupon system
  • Support ticket system
  • Ability to add support agents
  • User roles
  • Voyager Manager Dashboard
  • Transaction history
  • API / Reseller Developers (IPN)
  • Ready for WordPress (WooCommerce plugin) | * Sold separately with PayPal direct transfer $ 35. And delivered by email.
  • Ready for KYC (Client Document Authentication)
  • GDPR ready
  • Ability to freely carry user balances while processing withdrawal requests.
  • Determination of percentage and unit rates
  • And more …

How To Free Download?

Download “phpWallet” now from the download button given below.

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