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PayMoney - Secure Online Payment Gateway

PayMoney is an online money transfer system that guarantees a smooth transaction from upfront to payment. PayMoney makes sending money online much easier and easier than going to a bank or other ways. Follow the simple payMoney steps to get started. Enjoy secure online payments with PayMoney … This system is similar to major payment services such as PayPal or Stripe. You can send money in minutes with multiple currencies and multiple payment gateways such as paypal, stripe and more. The main features of this payment system are deposits, withdrawals, transfers, exchange, payments, ticket system, revenue, vendors, etc. When the user has a claim regarding a payment, they can ask the defendant for clarification in the “Disputes” section. Episode.

PayMoney Features:

Registered users can deposit with payMoney. There are several payment methods (Paypal, Strip, PayUmoney) for making deposits. Users can choose the wallets to which they wish to deposit the amount.

Transfer amount
It is possible to transfer funds to any registered or unregistered user. Unregistered users can view their money after registration. Admin can block, return any illegal issues.

Request quantity
Registered users can request money from registered or unregistered users. The recipient of the request has the option to approve or cancel the request.

Currency exchange
When paying with money, the user can change any currency at any time. You can change the money in two ways:

Base currency in another currency
It depends on each exchange rate, the currency will be changed and added to the user’s wallets. The administrator can view information about the change in currency exchange.

Payment methods
We currently have 5 payment gateways for paying with PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, PayUMoney and Coin. From currency-> payment method, the administrator can enable / disable payment methods to use on the site.

Withdrawing money from accounts is easy. PayPal / Bank, how would you like to pay your money? First you need to configure banking preferences in settings or if PayPal enters your PayPal email address for payment.

The amount of the fixed amount and the interest rate is the income in the PayMoney system. For any type of currency transaction, the manager can set a small amount of fees from the fees, and these fees are displayed separately in the Revenue section of the admin panel. Only the manager can see the income.

Roles and permissions
As the owner of this site, you can add another user who has given permission for a specific role as an administrator.

User group
The administrator can add a default group for site users. For group users, the administrator gives specific permissions for each group. For example, users can claim to be a vendor and an administrator can change their group to be a vendor with additional permissions.

From settings-> settings, the administrator can set the time zone, date format, “Day” symbol, “Thousands separators”.

Activity logs
Admin can see each user’s activity in the activity log.

Fees and limits
Fees and limits are a combination of currency and transaction type (deposit, transfer, withdrawal, payment request, etc.). The rate is applied as a fixed fee and a fee percentage; where the upper limit is a combination of the minimum limit and the maximum limit.

The user can create a member business through this system. We have two types of merchants: Standard and Express.

In the standard PayMoney type, the user can create a merchant and create a merchant payment form. In this form, the user will get the “pay now” option and pay the seller.

PayMoney Express Checkout provides a simplified and secure payment to your buyers using an API that is stored locally on your website or mobile app throughout the payment process.

If the user has a complaint about their product, they can contact the seller via the Dispute option. The administration can make a decision (approved or rejected) with the meeting of both parties.

Create a ticket
The ticket system is the best way to communicate with customers about their concerns when the user can report or ask various issues. If you are having trouble with a site or program, you can use this parameter as a reference.

Email templates and settings
For sending mail, we have a dynamic email template that can be modified.

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