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Paid Memberships Pro WordPress Plugin

Paid Memberships Pro plugin is designed for premium WordPress sites, clubs / associations with paid subscription products and more! The plugin adds a new source of income to your website and is flexible enough to meet the needs of almost any online and offline business.

WordPress Paid Memberships Pro membership plugin integrated with Stripe,, and PayPal® for recurring payments, flexible content management, payments, and more.

Paid Memberships Pro Plugin Features:

Membership levels
Name and access control for unlimited levels of membership. Members are added as a subscriber level WordPress user in addition to the membership level selected in the registry. Whether you are thinking of a hierarchical (gold, silver, bronze) or thematic model, design your membership site in the most appropriate way for your content.

Payment method
Paid Memberships Pro integrates seamlessly with Stripe,, and PayPal® payment gateways. Setting up your payment options is simple – choose a gateway and paste the appropriate API information on the Membership> Payment Options page in your WordPress admin.

Flexible pricing and trial period
Each membership level that you define also has unique pricing information. You can define an initial payment, as well as a recurring billing cycle, price, subscription period, and an optional free or grace period.

Access to content by level
Easily lock your content or private web apps! Paid Memberships Pro adds a simple administration window to the WordPress page editing screen, allowing you to control access for each level of membership offered. You can also manage the location of content through a category.

Participant reports
Paid Memberships Pro includes three main reports in its admin interface. The dashboard summarizes three detailed reports for all participants and includes visits, views, and login information; Sales and income; and membership statistics for all activity history on your site since Proid Memberships Pro was activated.

Search engine optimization
Advanced option “Show statements to non-members?” Let the search engine / browser robot crawl and index your personal content so your site continues to rank for keyword searches to attract new members or maintain search engine traffic for an existing site or blog.

Support community
If you need help with the technical aspects of using the PMPro plugin, or have general questions about web marketing, SEO, business ideas, or anything else, we provide a platform for our members!

Ads Personalization
If you are using ads as a way to monetize your site, you can optionally wrap the ad unit with a built-in PHP function to hide or personalize these ads for site members. This could be a one-time offer for users who are concerned that their site is ad-free.

Email Notifications
The Paid Memberships Pro plugin allows you to customize email notifications. Various emails can be customized, including your own stylish HTML template with custom header and footer files.

Theme integration
PMPro pages are WordPress pages. You can control the entire layout with a PHP template or override the default CSS with a custom CSS file uploaded to your theme directory.

100% GPL
You can run Proid Memberships Pro on any number of sites. The PMPro code is not complex, so you can customize it to your needs or use the code in your own projects.

Proid Memberships Pro is a plugin for WordPress version 4.0 or higher. Plugin developers are constantly checking the main plugin and Paid Membership Pro plugin library for compatibility with newer versions of WordPress. For more information on compatibility, visit the Plugin Developer site.

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