Out-of-the-Box 1.18.2 Nulled – Dropbox plugin for WordPress

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Out-of-the-Box - Dropbox plugin for WordPress

Out-of-the-Box 1.18.2 Nulled – Dropbox plugin for WordPress

Out-of-the-Box 1.18.2 is an innovative, highly customizable and easy to use Dropbox integration plugin for WordPress that displays your Dropbox files beautifully. No coding skills required!

Ready-to-use functions:

File browser
Are you looking for the best solution to manage your documents on a WordPress site? Just use this file browser and easily manage your documents on the Dropbox platform. The file browser will automatically display your files on your WordPress site.

Photo gallery
Tired of uploading, selecting and creating your gallery on a WordPress site? Out of the box Gallery will automatically create an awesome gallery from your Dropbox folders.

Audio and video player
Stream media directly from your Dropbox with the flash-backup HTML 5 media player. Supported formats: mp3, mp4, m4a and m4v (AAC / H.264), oga and ogv (Vorbis / Theora), webmv (Vorbis / VP8).

Upload to cloud
The plugin comes with a nice upload box that allows its users to upload files to their Dropbox. This box is very powerful along with the User Box feature that allows you to create a client area on your Dropbox.

Search files by name and content
Let your users search for your files by filename and extension. When using Dropbox Business, you have the possibility to use full text search that allows you to search beyond the names of your files.

Online preview
View your documents or pictures directly in a beautiful light box included with the plug-in. Right out of the box, it can also process your Office documents so people don’t have to download them before they can view the content.

Embed files
Want to add documents directly to your WordPress page or post? You can use the embed button out of the box in WordPress Editor and the plugin will ensure that the documents you choose are well integrated into your page.

Shared links
If you want anyone to be able to click a link to access your file, create a shared link. People don’t need a Dropbox account to view your file.

User folders
Share documents easily and securely with your customers via Dropbox. The User Boxes feature allows your customers to preview, download and upload documents to their private folder. You can manually connect your WordPress users to your own folder, or let the plugin handle this for you!

All in the cloud
By storing the heaviest elements of your website externally, Dropbox can reduce the load on your server by reducing disk space. Instead of copying the files to your server, this plugin will manage files directly in Dropbox. Users will download files directly from Dropbox, improving performance and saving bandwidth.

Great media player
The media player has a great look and supports powerful features such as: playlists, playback speed, subtitles etc.

User permissions
The plugin integrates seamlessly into the WordPress user system and allows you to choose which user roles should have permission to view, download, upload, rename, delete files or folders.

Shortcode generator
Getting it out of the box has never been easier! Despite having an impressive number of options, even beginners will be able to implement the plugin according to their wishes with our intuitive workflow.

Want to watch if someone is downloading and uploading files? The notification system can send you customizable emails when this happens! Combined with notifications from the Dropbox app, you’ll know right away when a customer needs your attention!

Optimized performance
Good looks aren’t everything, so we’ve made sure Out of the Box charges lightning fast as well. Our smart caching system will keep everything running smoothly!

Object oriented code
Ready to Use uses the most advanced and effective scheduling models to achieve the best results for your site.

Ready for multiple languages
.Po and .mo files are included for easy translation. Would you like to contribute to the plugin? Add-on purchase costs will be gladly refunded if you submit a new translation

Responsible design
Your content will look great on both desktop and mobile sites like a file browser, gallery, upload box, or media player.

How To Free Download?

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