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Open Server

Open Server Panel is a portable server platform and software environment specially designed for web developers, considering their suggestions and requests.

The software complex has a rich set of server software, a convenient, multifunctional and well-thought-out interface, and powerful capabilities for component configuration and management. The platform is widely used for the development, debugging, and testing of web projects, as well as for the provision of web services in local networks.

Although the software products initially included in the complex were not developed specifically to work with each other, this type of package has become very popular among Windows users mainly because they received a free software package with server-level reliability. Linux.

Comfort and ease of management will not leave you indifferent; Throughout its existence, Open Server has proven itself to be a first-class and reliable tool essential for every webmaster.

Open Server Panel Features:

  • No installation required (portability);
  • The ability to work with a USB drive;
  • Denver, Xampp, etc. Simultaneous work with;
  • Work on a local / network / external IP address;
  • SSL support without any plugins. adjustments;
  • Creating areas by creating an organized folder;
  • Cyrillic field support;
  • Support for aliases (field markers);
  • Server protection against external access;
  • Weak code domain name converter;
  • A number of popular third-party PHP extensions
  • Task Scheduler (cron);
  • Create a local subdomain without losing the visibility of the main domain on the Internet;

How to Free Download:

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