On Demand Taxi & Vehicle Rental 1.0 – Complete Solution

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On Demand Taxi & Vehicle Rental - Complete Solution

On Demand Taxi & Vehicle Rental is an application like Uber that allows you to call a taxi, hire a taxi, rent a car. There is also a web platform to manage the application.

On Demand Taxi & Vehicle Rental Features:


  • Instant messaging chat
  • Location autocomplete
  • Firebase Integrated
  • Google Maps API
  • Get the notification
  • In-app payment receipt and mailbox
  • Cost, distance, time calculator
  • Book a taxi
  • Taxi tracking
  • Evaluate a driver
  • Call a cab
  • Taxi rental


  • Add taxi
  • Add controller
  • Assign a taxi to a driver
  • Manage customer orders and reservations
  • Manage customer rental
  • Send notifications to all customers


  • Call a cab
  • Manage your orders
  • Book a taxi
  • Manage your reservation
  • Rent a car
  • Manage your rental
  • Write a message to a driver
  • Evaluate a driver
  • Receive notifications
  • Get your payment receipt
  • Create a user account
  • See the history of your breed.
  • See a career path
  • See the location of the nearest taxi
  • Edit profile


  • Enable / disable status
  • Accept an order
  • See your race
  • View a customer’s career path
  • Edit profile
  • Write a message to a customer

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