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Next Hour - Movie Tv Show & Video Subscription Portal Cms Web

Next Hour Nulled Here, our product ticks like clockwork. Because in each next scroll you will find a different entertainment platform on your wall. What will happen next in the next few hours? It will be a “Movie Show”; “TV episodes”; “Web series”; “Video scripts”; “Cinema Flow”; “Journals”; “Vimeo”; “You-Tube”, etc.

The taste and presentation of our product add soot to your daily diet. You can then choose our membership plans for a better experience.

Next Hour – TV Show and Video Subscription Portal Cms web and mobile app is designed for movie shows, tv shows, series, tv episodes, cms movies, movie streaming, php video scripts, cms de video, video subscription, video portal, video stage, video subscription platform, video website, magazine, vimeo, youtube, etc.

Next Hour features:

  • 2 custom designs in web version
  • Dark and light color scheme in web version
  • PWA [Progressive Web Application]
  • Download Offline Play In App
  • Import Movies / TV Shows by IMDB ID or Movie Name
  • Live TV section
  • Direct Recovery and Support Trailer
  • Image enhancement
  • Also add exclusive movies, TV shows and videos
  • Ultimate Video Player ($ 59 value)
  • Supports YouTube, Vimeo and MP-4, m3u8, HLS, WEMB videos
  • You Tube API / Vimeo API import
  • Supports live TV and live streaming
  • Support for AWS S3 and ocean digital video connections
  • Support for built-in Google Drive video links
  • Integrated video connection support
  • Video compatible with
  • Supports iframe video url: Google Drive
  • URL encryption [Encryption is only installed on your server.]
  • Video quality selection (360, 420, 720, 1080)
  • Subtitle file support (.srt and .txt) in web version
  • Multiple selection of playback speeds in the web version
  • Grid View [Slider and Grid View]
  • Catalog view [Site access with or without login]
  • Video ads, pop-ups and stopped in web version
  • Wish list by menu or category
  • Manufacturer User Role
  • Subscribe by category / menu in the web version
  • Share video on social network
  • Share video by email
  • Downloading Uploaded Videos [Self-Hosted]
  • Get embedded video codes
  • Resume playing videos in web version
  • Auto Play, Loop and Shuffle in web version
  • Playlist compatible player
  • Special package creation system
  • Default language selection
  • Manage administrator subscription
  • Choose membership plan
  • Multiple display packages
  • Payment by strips and PayPal gateway
  • Manual bank payment
  • PayUMoney and Instamojo Indian Indian Payment Gateway payment on the web
  • Razor Pay & PayTM in Indian Indian Payment Gateway in Web and APP version
  • Pay for bulk payment gateways for Nigeria in web and app version only
  • Braintee payment gateways in web and application version [Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, UnionPay (Beta)]
  • Donation system by
  • Resume, pause and cancel plan / membership
  • Notifications
  • A signal notification in the app
  • Google Adsence ad in web version
  • Language translator in web version
  • Age restriction in the web version
  • Free tracking option
  • Social login: Facebook, Amazon, Google, and GitLab on the web (Git Hub, BitBucket, Twitter, and Google)
  • Social login: Facebook, Google in app and web
  • Customize the web version of the login registration panel
  • Secure login and password change
  • Login Remember me
  • Change the order of slider slides with drag and drop
  • Customizable landing page in web version
  • Add or remove the main menu
  • Make a special menu
  • Drag and drop menu functions
  • Batch or selected deletion
  • Customize your website pages
  • Subscribe to the newsletter
  • Watch list (wish list)
  • User account settings
  • User control panel
  • Coupon management
  • Custom script and add CSS functions
  • Enable home section and pages feature Disable
  • Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel support
  • Download application icons in the footer
  • Choose from multiple color options: green, orange, yellow, pink, red, default in web version, both dark and highlighted
  • More detailed biography as an actor / actor profile page, date of birth, place of birth in the web version
  • Special user assessment
  • User comments on videos and blog posts
  • View history
  • Image optimization
  • Blog Pages
  • Random rising / falling movie display options
  • Charger
  • SEO automat

Activation by any data!

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