NEX-Forms 7.9.2 NULLED – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

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NEX-Forms NULLED is the best WordPress Form Builder plugin for creating simple to complex forms. With tons of plugins and features, NEX-Forms is a complete online form and form creation solution.

Form Analytics – Analytics that give you statistics about form views, form submissions, and even form interactions. Complete with the line, bar, pie, polar, and radar charts. NEX-Forms also provides you geolocation statistics! Now you can see where your form submissions are coming from!

NEX-Forms Features:

  • Cost estimates / mathematical logic – Use mathematical logic to calculate costs based on user selections. Use custom formulas in as many fields as you want!
  • Fully Responsive: NEX-Forms scales easily and efficiently to any device, from phones to tablets and desktops.
  • Interactive forms: Interact with your users in real-time by displaying user input in forms as a form of speech.
  • Conditional Logic: NEX-Forms includes advanced conditional logic to show and hide form elements based on user input. Add unlimited rules with multiple conditions and multiple actions. For example, add a rule that has condition that 3 conditions are true before performing any number of actions.
  • 50+ Form Elements – Use 50+ Bootstrap styled fields with pixel-perfect precision. From custom fields to loaders and most common form fields.
  • Multi-Step Forms and Online Surveys – Break large forms into manageable steps for your users to fill easily. Combine multiple steps, mathematical logic, and conditional logic to create online quizzes.
  • Pop-up Forms: Enable forms pop-up from the output intent, duration on the page, scroll position, or buttons or links. So whenever a user tries to leave the page and/or spends x amount of time on the page and/or the user scrolls from the top of the page to a specific position, the form will appear.
  • Shipping and Export Reports – Generate reports from form submissions according to your criteria. Your reports can also be exported to CSV and/or PDF!
  • Modern Design – Designed with modern trends and techniques in mind, NEX-Forms will help you connect with your customers in a brand new and exciting way.
  • Drag and Drop – Add and sort form elements by simply dragging and dropping. If you can play Solitaire, you can create impressive web forms without a single line of code.
  • Complete Grid System – Create any form layout with a unique draggable grid system. Includes unlimited grid placement.
  • Shape Animations – Grab your users’ attention with over 70 super-fluid animations.
  • 660+ Icons – Use more than 660 icons that can be added to form fields. Font Awesome icons are vectors, which means they are beautiful on high-resolution displays.
  • 1200+ Google Fonts – This allows you to easily add fonts from the Google Fonts directory to use in your forms. More than 1200 fonts are available in NEX-Forms.
  • Built-in antispam protection – With built-in antispam NEX forms, you will never receive spam emails. Captchas are not required to prove that your users are actually human!
  • Email Auto-Responder: Receive all your form data in fully customizable emails. Send administrative emails to multiple recipients and/or send confirmation emails to end-users.
  • Submission storage and export: all form submissions are stored in your database and can be viewed from the admin panel. Entries can also be exported to Excel.
  • Form Import and Export: Export forms in one click. It includes all form configurations and can be exported to any NEX-form setup.

How to Free Download:

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