Multi Accessories Pro Module 4.3.2

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Multi Accessories Pro Module

Multi Accessories Pro Module 4.3.2

Multi Accessories Pro Module creates a flexible product package. It offers a bundle of products, therefore increasing sales tremendously. Sounds like combinations? Yes, it looks that way, but completely different. A product and its accessories are separate products, not different features of the product.

Multi Accessories Pro Module Features

  • Manage accessory groups
  • Enable or disable a group
  • Adding accessories to different groups of a product
  • Rename an accessory to display on the product page.
  • Displays accessories as a checkbox or drop-down menu.
  • Show prices with or without accessories
  • Visitors can choose one or more accessories to add to the main product and continue to pay.
  • Orders are then processed as usual, apparently orders for different products
  • Displays a table with the price of the main item and the price of the selected accessories
  • It has the feature of adding each accessory to the basket separately.
  • Place the multi-accessory block anywhere on the product page so you have the freedom to decide where and how it will appear. Just add 1 line of code to your template. There are more guides in the manual.
  • Visitors can decide how many items of each accessory to add, thanks to the Add custom quantity to cart option.
  • In addition, visitors may be compelled to purchase one main product and at least one accessory. This is useful if you are selling a product bundle where accessories respond to or depend on the parent product.
  • The price of the main item will be updated instantly every time an accessory is added/removed from the listing.
  • Ability to view accessory images in Fancybox.
  • Particularly from 2.3 volume discounts (certain prices) are taken into account; Applicable to both the main product and all accessories.
  • Add the default accessory everywhere with the main product
  • Please remove all accessories when removing the main part of the product in the basket.

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