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MetaFans - Community & Social Network BuddyPress Theme

MetaFans Community and social network theme for your WordPress site! We have carefully crafted this theme so that you have everything you need to create an amazing community with complete profiles, verification badges, reactions, groups, badges, missions, ranks, credits, and much more.

Metafans allows you to connect your social profile with your friends and increase your followers
Buddypress Powered Social Community With the benefits of the Buddypress plugin, we expand it with replies, posts, media, and more.

Amazing Gamification with Gamipress Metafans has created a complete gamification experience with badges, missions, credits and ranks to give its users a great experience!

Design with Elementor Page Builder All pages are carefully designed to fit anything you might need! Also, we add demo data to our API for a free experience.

MetaFans Features:

Super flexible profile and activity pages
Metafans provides a super-comprehensive profile page with a sleek layout, charts, and a slider for easy access to all sections of the profile: about, unlocked badges, pictures, completed tasks, posts, and much more. You will also find other community pages such as events, full profile settings, member and group directory, and much more!

Profile status update form renewed!
We have revamped the Buddypress status update box! Upload photos and GIFs easily. Post status updates, edit your posts and even link YouTube videos just by pasting the URL. You will be counted on both the status update and event posts (like someone is your friend). You will also have the option to mark your posts as pinned, favorite, and private, all easily recognizable by our custom icons!

Gamipress: Badge Gamification
With the Gamipress Achievements feature, we created a badge policy where you can unlock badges and earn credits to unlock profile rankings. You can also show them cheeky on your profile with the badge widget!

Gamipress: Gamification Tasks
We have also created a quest system where you can complete them and earn credits to unlock profile rankings using the Gamipress achievements feature! Like badges, you can proudly display them on your profile with the task widget.

Gamipress: Gamification of credits and coins
We create three different credits using the Gamipress Points feature: Gold, Gems, and Emeralds. Use them to unlock new ranks and level up! With the Credits widget, you can proudly display them on your profile and also always see your current balance on the top bar.

Gamipress: gamification range
Using the Gamipress Ranks feature, we have created a 6-tier system where you can “level up” by collecting credits and completing requirements. We’ve also linked your queue number and progress to your profile avatars! You can quickly see the rank and progress of each user through the external progress bar.

Great blog page with reactions
A complete blog with 3 different views: list, small graphic, and large graphic to help people quickly find their favorite post. We have prepared different types of posts, such as standard, video, audio, and gallery, and three different views of open posts. We’ve also added responses so people can show what they think about it, just like with Buddypress post updates!

Amazing groups with easy management
We have created an author center where your users can easily change their avatars, cover photos, social networks, personal information, and much more so that they do not have to make changes through the WordPress panel!

Elegant Author Center Management

Create and manage Buddypress groups easily! Inside the author center, we have created a sleek admin system so you can easily create and manage your groups, upgrade authors to mods or admins, control invitations, and more. As part of our documentation, we have created many videos to help you configure and customize each piece of our theme, you can check out all these videos in the header here. Please ask us any questions you need before purchasing!

How To Free Download?

Download “MetaFans” now from the download button given below.

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