Loyalty module, referral & affiliate program (reward points) 1.3.7

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Loyalty module, referral & affiliate program (reward points)

Loyalty module, referral & affiliate program Let customers earn rewards (points or cash) as they buy, sell or refer new customers to your website. Includes 3 marketing programs: loyalty, referral, and affiliate programs to increase your sales and customers.

Loyalty, Referral and Affiliate Marketing is an advanced marketing module for Prestashop that provides a comprehensive solution for your website. This module can help you quickly and easily implement affiliate marketing and loyalty programs in your PrestaShop store. You don’t need to have a lot of marketing knowledge to use it, loyalty, referral, and affiliate marketing will do the rest for you!

Loyalty module, referral & affiliate program Features:

  • Customers can earn rewards through 3 marketing programs: loyalty program, referral/sponsor program, and reward required to pay for affiliate program and orders; convert to coupon code; to your bank account, PayPal, etc. withdraw money.
  • Using detailed statistics for each marketing program, the customer can track their reward accounts and view detailed withdrawal history at the main office.
  • The customer can easily introduce the website and its products to their friends with the sponsor’s URL, social sharing and sponsor’s banner.
  • The customer can give their friends a coupon code to encourage them to open a new account or buy products from their website.
  • The automated email notification system will notify the customer of important changes regarding affiliate accounts on your website.
  • Affiliate marketing, referral, and loyalty code is completely simple, no secret code included, you can easily do any customization you want in the module if you have coding skills.
  • A well-documented user manual is attached.
  • This module fully supports custom themes.
  • Loyalty, referral, and affiliate marketing work well on all web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge.
  • We provide you with free setup support for your affiliate purchase, referral, and affiliate marketing.
  • It is also an advantage that we offer 24/7 online support to solve problems with our module.

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