HIGH SaaS 5.4 – Project Management System

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HIGH SaaS 5.4 – Project Management System

HIGH SaaS is useful for starting your own startup offering a SaaS (software as a service) service to people, companies and organizations. Just install, create plans and earn passive income.

HIGH SaaS is a seamless, robust, lightweight and ultra-fast web application to meet all your CRM, project management and team collaboration needs. Save hours every day by managing projects, tasks, leads, customers and teams in one place using HIGH SaaS.

HIGH SaaS Features

  • Project management
    Create an unlimited number of projects with project start and end dates, each with their own unique teams. You can easily assign teams and clients to each project. After you create a project, you can create tasks for that project and assign those tasks to project team members to perform the tasks. You can view all the details about the projects such as graphical description, project tasks, project statistics, project files, project users and more.
  • task management
    Add a new task and prioritize it according to urgent need. Assign the task to one or more team members and set a deadline for task completion. You can add comments to a required task and attach required files. Using a kanban board and clear statistics helps you understand the status of tasks, and you can drag and drop a task to change its status. The task detail model will show you all the necessary details of these tasks.
  • Customer and team management
    You can add a new user and delete an unnecessary user as needed. In addition, the administrator can convert any team member to a manager and also from manager to team member. You can easily add this member to any project and assign tasks to these members. You can easily collaborate with your team and work together on any project or task.
  • directs
    Track your deals. Manage leads and track their status and convert your leads into paying customers.
  • Video meetings
    Unlimited free video conferencing. Unlimited video conferencing/conferencing with your customers and team members.
  • time tracking
    Keep track of the time you spend on your project tasks that can be billed to your client.
  • Invoices and Payments
    You do not need to invoice your customer separately. Easily send invoices to your customer and receive PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay and Wire Transfer payments in the app.
  • Custom currency and taxes
    You can configure your custom currency according to your needs. This feature allows you to set the project budget and send an invoice in your local currency. You can also create unlimited taxes and apply them to your business as postpaid.
  • Gantt Chart / Calendar
    Deadlines for projects and tasks will appear in the Gantt chart and calendar.
  • Dear
    Forecasts help you convert your leads into orders. Customers are more willing to commit to a project when they have an idea of ​​the total cost.
  • User permissions
    The administrator always has all the permissions and no one can change it. The administrator has the authority to grant any permissions to the user. Permissions like view, update, delete projects and tasks and much more.
  • leaves
    Manage leave requests from your team members. Approve or deny license requests
  • Chat
    Chat allows you to communicate with all team members. You don’t have to leave the app for any discussion.

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