Happy Elementor Addons Pro 2.2.0 NULLED – addon for Elementor

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Happy Elementor Addons Pro

Happy Elementor Addons Pro 2.2.0 NULLED – addon for Elementor

Happy Elementor Addons Pro Bring your creative web design imagination to life with Happy Elementor Addons, a complete package for users of all levels. With its exceptional features, only professionals can now do what was previously possible.

Happy Elementor Addons Pro Features:

  • Importing a template
    This is a completely new feature. We add more than 400 well-designed sections as templates to transfer to customers’ sites. Now you can instantly embed any section template on your live site.
  • Preset
    With the help of Elementor Page Builder, anyone can now design any type of website. However, it takes too long to build a professional site. To lessen this pain, we brought the Happy Feature: Preset to HappyAddons Pro. You can use pre-made layouts on your site with a single click. You will save valuable time. HappyAddons Pro has more than 400 layout presets.
  • Cross domains
    Designing a website takes time, hard work. So it is not wise to start from scratch every time.

Currently, in Elementor page builder we have the option to copy and paste items within a single area. However, there is currently no option to copy a widget or partition from one domain to another. But have you ever dreamed of copying and pasting items from other fields that you made for your different clients? Because of buttons, cards, team members, etc. To make such simple items, you need to do repetitive work.

  • Unlimited partition placement
    Unlimited section placement will help you create unlimited sections within the only available section of Elementor Page Builder. You wanted it, we listened. You can now create unlimited nested sections to create stock items or layouts previously impossible with sections and columns.
  • Live copy
    There is a common complaint: It is impossible to make the exact layout similar to a demo on a personal website. Well, that won’t be the case anymore. With HappyAddons Pro, you can now copy any layout from the HappyAddons demo site to your main site with the Live Section Copy feature. The magic is that you can copy it from the interface to the edit panel or element. Isn’t that great?
  • Image masking
    Sometimes the square or circular image is not enough to create a good elementor design. We may need different types of creative and unusual image shapes. HappyAddons custom offers an image to add a creative touch to your design. Now you can transform your square image into a beautiful custom shape. No hassle, just upload your image and choose your shape, boom, fresh. Very easy.
  • Display state
    Conditional viewing is a unique feature that helps you set a specific rule or condition to view various types of content according to your needs. You can set your conditional rule for your visitors.
  • Happy particle effect
    Happy Particle Effect will bring additional happiness to your customers and site visitors as it will create a wow-effect on your website. Particle effects are now becoming essential elements of modern design techniques. It will make your website stand out among millions of websites. This means you have a higher chance of making a great first impression that results in more sales. Great effects make the site memorable for the visitor and they are more likely to return. That’s why you should try Happy Particle Effects to create amazing web pages.
  • Equal height
    Do you spend a lot of time setting the same height in your design? Don’t worry, the HappyAddons equal height feature from now on will help you manage it easily.
  • Floating effect
    You can now create cool animations for any Elementor widget using this unique floating feature. It is completely free. Flip, rotate or scale ANY of your widgets with this magical feature, not just the HappyAddons widget. Now imagination is the limit!
  • CSS transformation
    Another missing piece is a huge improvement over the Elementor core, which works seamlessly with all widgets. You can now apply various CSS transformations such as flip, rotate, scale, and skew without limitation. Make your design outstanding with this unique feature
  • Asset upload on demand
    Our excellent asset engine keeps your pages thin and lean by only loading CSS or JavaScript assets from widgets used to design your pages.
  • Widget background overlay
    Background overlay functionality is at the heart of Elementor Page Builder. However, you can only add an overlay to some selected widgets. Even if you are using the add-ons from here
  • Custom column order
    Currently, in Elementor Page Builder, we have no control over column order management in mobile responsive mode. You need this function if your page has many columns. You can manage the order of each column according to your needs.
  • Happy clone
    Unlike other replication plugins, Happy Clone works smarter. With this feature, you can immediately clone the posts/pages you want from Elementor Finder. When you open the Elementor Page builder search engine (CMD / CTRL + E), you can search on any page or post there. You will also find the Happy Clone option just above the search panel. Just click and clone.
  • Fixed-size button
    It is very difficult to make a 100% circular button with the Elementor button. Once it is almost impossible to circulate it. To drive you crazy, it is very painful and time-consuming for us to manage button padding. HappyAddons has added a new “Fixed size” field to the button configuration. Now you can report the size of your 100% circular button.
  • Grid layout
    Web designers are very familiar with this grid system in photoshop, sketch, Figma, etc. This grid system helps designers keep items aligned correctly across the page. Also, you can follow the third rule in your design with this grid system. Now with this feature, you can convert your section or page to Photoshop, sketch, etc. You can design as.
  • Wrap connection
    We have a limited scope for hyperlinks within Elementor. If we want highly interactive pages with multiple links to different segments, we must rely on hard coding. However, now you can hyperlink to any column, section, and widget with the help of the Wrapper Link function. This is a very easy and simple solution.
  • Happy shape divider
    Tired of typical Elementor shape dividers? Would you like to give your website a special look? Get HappyAddons for free and activate them to unlock many new Shape Dividers in Elementor.
  • Site synchronization
    Before creating a website, the best practice is to create a test or staging environment. After analyzing and finalizing the design on the construction site, you need to choose the most difficult way to make it work manually. Plus, it consumes most of your precious time. Don’t worry, thanks to the Site Sync feature, you can now easily create a duplicate page with the one-click sync option. Therefore, it is very easy to get your site live out of the build and run stage.

Important: the "nulled" version works only in this bundle, do not update the free version.



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