Gull 1.1.0 – Angular 12+ Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

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Gull 1.1.0 – Angular 12+ Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

Meet Gull Highly customizable Angular 10+ Bootstrap 4 admin template. Gull is built with the Official @angular/cli tool, supports AOT compilation and uses NG Bootstrap and third-party NGX packages.

Gull is a combination of clean design and modular code structure that makes Angular software development easier and faster. It can be used to build any type of cross-platform application and web application backend such as custom admin panel, admin panel, accounting software, project management, chat application, calendar application, e-commerce backend, CMS, CRM, ERP or SAAS. . Built-in angular components will significantly reduce development time.

If you are using ready-to-use Gull applications, you do not need to write any business logic in the interface. You only need a REST API that depends on out-of-the-box applications. Gull also uses the in-memory database API. This means that demo data for tables and apps comes from HTTPS calls within Angular services.

Gull Admin Template Features

  • Full SASS support: Gull implements bootstrap 4 sass. Custom styles and schemes are cheekily written.
  • Predefined Applications: Gull has 4 predefined applications (Invoice Generator, Chat, Calendar, Inbox). These applications are completely ready to integrate with your server.
  • Angular Compatible UI Kits – There is a large collection of custom UI kits and ng Bootstrap to speed up the software development process.
  • Customizable SASS Color Schemes – customize or create your own color scheme by changing the value of the sass color variable or creating a new color scheme file.
  • Dynamic model-based navigation: Side menu items are provided by the navigation service. It makes it easy to change the runtime menu and provisioning menu from the server depending on the user’s role.
  • Auth Guard: Angular router authentication protection is implemented. Save server token in local storage and also in authorization service variable, check validity of this token and return boolean value from canActivate method in authGuard.
  • Data Table: The data table displays a clean tabular dataset with front-end/server paging options. Users can search and sort data.

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