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Green Forms 1.40 – Standalone Form Builder

Green Forms – Meet the fastest and most powerful form builder on the market. With Green Forms you can create beautiful looking multi-purpose forms that blend perfectly with your website design. From fonts, colors, shadows, etc. You can set up just about anything, from conditional behaviors, mathematical expressions, and integrations with marketing, newsletter, and CRM systems. Each form can be easily embedded in any third-party web page as a regular form or a popup; all you need is to copy and paste a few JS/HTML code snippets.

Green Forms Features

  • Drag and drop the form builder. Create forms with the easy-to-use drag-and-drop Form Builder. No coding skills required.
  • More than 20 form elements. The form builder has everything you need to create custom forms. There is no limit to your imagination.
  • Complete grid system. Create complex layouts with a unique drag-and-drop grid system. Includes unlimited column placement.
  • Integrated antispam. No need for captcha or reCaptcha with the new anti-spam technology built into Green Forms.
  • Hairstyle form. Easily design any element on your form with global style settings. Lots of options for every need.
  • Native themes. The form builder comes with predefined clear themes for any need.
  • Integrated theme manager. Create and manage custom form themes.
  • Multi-step forms. Split your complex form into multiple steps for a better user experience. Easy.
  • Conditional logic. Form fields, confirmations, notifications, etc., according to user input and selection. make transactions.
  • Mathematical expressions. Perform powerful real-time mathematical expressions based on user input and selection.
  • Payment methods. Prompt users to pay and transact after a successful payment. Green Forms has integration with PayPal.
  • Interactive forms. Forms can interact with users by displaying user input in real time.
  • Email Notifications. Send personalized email notifications and user confirmation emails. Use conditional logic if needed.
  • Third party integrations. Automatically submit user input and selection to popular CRM, marketing and newsletter services.
  • Integration of HTML forms. Automatically submit user input and selection to third-party HTML forms provided by your service provider.
  • Third-party MySQL database. Automatically ADD user’s input and selection to third-party MySQL database/table.
  • Custom GET/POST requests. Automatically pass the user’s input and selection to a third-party URL using GET/POST requests.
  • Pop-up mode. Get a form as a popup by clicking on any item: button, link, menu item etc.
  • Remote use. Easily embed any form on third-party sites (just copy and paste a few JS/HTML code snippets).
  • Figure statistics. Statistics of forms, submissions, confirmations and payments of any form for any period.
  • Field analysis. A set of submitted data can be conveniently represented as bar charts.
  • Pre-fill the fields. Do this with dynamic URL data or by setting static defaults.
  • The logic of the approval system. Show confirmations based on user input and selection.
  • User input filtering. Use optional filters to remove spam sent data.
  • Optimized performance. The form builder is well optimized for better performance.
  • Google Analytics event tracker. Follow up of form submission events.
  • Zero programming. No coding skills are required to use Green Forms.
  • Fully responsive. Forms look good on any device.
  • Unlimited notifications. Unlimited emails can be sent from a single submission.
  • Conditional logic in declarations. Send email based on user input and selection.
  • Field validation. Verify user input using 14 built-in authenticators.
  • Advanced email verification. check MX record for a domain or use third-party services like Clearout, Kickbox, TheChecker.
  • Custom error messages. Displays a custom error bubble based on the validation result.
  • Google Fonts. Use hundreds of fonts to customize form elements.
  • Much more…

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