Food Online Premium for WooCommerce

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Food Online Premium for WooCommerce

Food Online Premium for WooCommerce

Food Online Premium for WooCommerce – Let your customers order food online. You decide whether you want home delivery, takeout or dining at a restaurant. Postal codes etc. Define delivery zones and provide them with individual delivery rates. Delivery addresses are validated with the Google Maps API to avoid receiving insufficient addresses.

With the characteristics of the product, size, protein, etc. You can serve a variety of dishes. The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce product plugins if you want to offer even more product options.

Food Online Premium for WooCommerce Features

  • Delivery addresses can be verified by Google on the Menu page and will then be automatically added to the delivery address form at checkout.
  • Choose to view the delivery key and let your customers choose whether to choose home delivery or restaurant pickup. It is also possible to let them choose to dine at the restaurant.
  • Choose to display a reminder popup at checkout, allowing your customers to add their chosen beverage or another supplement.
  • Set scheduled time slots for delivery, pickup, and food and make them available for an individual or group category or product label.
  • Ready to use with desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Edit the order of your menu titles in the settings area. For example: Starters – Main courses – Desserts – Drinks.
  • Calculate and view the time until the order is ready. If it is a delivery order, the shipping time can be calculated with the help of Google. You can even decide whether to calculate the delivery time as delivery by car or by bike.
  • Let customers choose a delivery or pickup time with a time picker at the checkout.


How to Free Download:

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