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Font Awesome Pro Font Script

Font Awesome Pro subscription includes a lifetime license for our icons and toolset, as well as annual renewable access to new icons, software updates, services and support.

Font Awesome Pro FAQs:

Where can I use Font Awesome Pro?
If you’re under a Pro license, you can use it in many ways: websites and apps, desktop design software, Powerpoint and Keynote, integrated into your mobile apps, and much more.

Pro is commercial software, so there are some restrictions. Most importantly, you cannot distribute Pro specifically to people who are not licensed (for example, you cannot provide files in your open source repository).

More details on what’s allowed can be found in the full Pro license.

Can i work with others using Font Awesome Pro?
It depends primarily on whether the others are creative or are people who create or edit content with Font Awesome Pro. If they are creative you must assign them one of your license seats.

If the non-creators need to modify these projects or create new content, the creators can also embed the Pro into projects and then switch to the non-creative in some limited cases (distributing software with the built-in Pro, printing a file with Pro icons, etc.). One of the license positions must have been appointed.

What are seats and why do I need to count them?
Basically, anyone in your organization who creates or edits content with Font Awesome Pro counts as a seat. We provide Pro license according to the number of positions you need in your organization. Do you need 1 seat? 4 seats? You will want a 1 to 5 seat license. 27 people? You will want a driver’s license for 26-30 people.

Does my professional license cover me and my customers?
If you’re forwarding work directly to clients or printers and they aren’t changing any content, you’re probably done. Used in website, print design, mobile app etc. If they edit any content, it is considered the creator and must be covered by a Pro license.

How do I manage and add seats?
At this time, you will need to contact us directly to update your seat count. Soon you will be able to do this yourself on your account page.

Can I use Pro in my theme or open source project?
For open source themes and projects, it’s best to use Font Awesome Free right now. We are working on a better solution so please feel free to contact us if you have any ideas.

What if my Pro subscription expires?
When your subscription expires, you will have a permanent license to use Font Awesome Pro for the latest version while your subscription is active. To download, simply log in to your account.

However, you will lose access to new Pro icons, software updates, services like Pro CDN and custom NPM repository, and our real human tech support.

Why do I have to pay for Font Awesome icons now?
You don’t Font Awesome has had a version and will always be free. In fact, Font Awesome 5 Free now has twice as many icons as Font Awesome 4.

But if you want to take your Font Awesome to the next level, you can subscribe to Font Awesome Pro. This gives you more icons, services, and even real human technology support.

How To Free Download?

Download “Font Awesome Pro” now from the download button given below.

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Still, facing any issue? feel free to contact us.


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