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Flink WordPress App Builder makes it possible to create an Android app for your WordPress website and blog in an easy way. With Flink, you can create your Android application in 2 minutes with one click.

Flink WordPress App Builder Features

  • Easy-to-Use Material Interface – It is used in the Material interface application, which is a design concept that combines known design values ​​with scientific studies, which Google deems necessary for all mobile applications, websites, and products.
  • Fully WordPress Compatible – Your App works seamlessly with many WordPress features like Post, Page, Category, Tag, Post Gallery, Audio-Video Players, and Users.
  • Two-way synchronization: Your app connects to your website via API, so any content updated by you on your website is also instantly updated in your app. No additional actions are required.
  • Push Notifications with Firebase: You can send push notifications to inform your users about newly added content or your app.
  • Multi-language support: Your users can use your application in different languages ​​and switch to different languages ​​through the language section on the “Settings” page.
  • RTL Language Support (Right to Left) – Your app supports the right to left languages ​​such as Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and Urdu.
  • Multi-layout support: Your app’s post, category, author, etc. you can use 4-5 different layout options like “grid, list, box, and big-box” to list their pages.
  • Different Theme Options – Your users can use themes in different colors. They can change at any time.
  • Firebase integration – You can access a lot of detailed information about your app users (number of active users using your app, number of active accounts, daily user interaction, user demographics, etc.) through Firebase.
  • Earn Money (Ads): You can generate income with local banners and ads on platforms such as Google AdMob, Facebook Audience Network.
  • “Swipe to Update” function: Your users can update data by swiping the top of the screen towards the bottom with their fingers. For example, if there is new data, it is displayed after this operation.
  • “Load more” functionality: Your users can load more data by swiping their fingers from bottom to top on the screen.
  • Welcome screen – If you use the membership login feature in your app, your users will first be shown a “welcome screen”. On this page, a title and a brief description of your application and buttons related to membership (registration, login, etc.) are displayed.
  • Membership: If you wish, you can activate the user registration and login features (it works fully integrated with WordPress) by using the membership feature in your application.
  • Edit Profile – Your users can edit any information in their profile and easily complete many actions such as password reset.
    “Gravatar” Support and Custom Profile Picture Upload – Your app is compatible with the popular Gravatar profile picture platform. In addition, its users can also upload their own photos.
  • Screen transition animations: You can use many different animations for screen transitions in your application.
  • Bookmark: Your users can add the content they like and want to read later to their favorites and access this content easily.
  • Menu and tab options management: You can manage your application’s tab and menu options, turn any option on or off and arrange it as you wish.
  • Much More…

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How to Free Download:

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