Feedback Form With Us With The Admin Panel

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Feedback form with us with the admin panel

Feedback Form With Us With The Admin Panel

Feedback Form With Us With The Admin Panel Connect using the free admin panel and instantly resolve requests from your users or site visitors.


The contact form is a very powerful tool for your business. This can link the user to your site. Your customer / visitor request from the contact form in the Admin Panel is smooth. You don’t need to open your email every time.

This feature has an attractive user interface and a really amazing and attractive user interface. Almost all kinds of changes can be made using the admin panel without any programming language knowledge.

Built using procedural php (with PDO function) and without any framework. For this reason, most developers can easily customize this and create their own billing.
system with this amazing feature.

Security: You are protected from SQL injection, XSS and other attacks and your site will be safe.


  • Dynamic themed contact form
  • Anti-spam contact form with us
  • You don’t need to open and reply by email every time.
  • New words can be checked from the administration panel.
  • Reply to new emails from the admin area without reloading the page.
  • Administrator can view reply emails separately.
  • The manager’s reply is automatically sent to the visitor’s email. Manager
  • In the Subject option of the contact form, you can create an unlimited choice of themes that your user can see.
  • Enable / disable the topic option at any time.
  • A disabled option automatically hides the “off topic” option in the “Contact us” form.
  • Dashboard analysis with total contact form query, total emails sent, total unsent emails, total form variants, total activation form parameters, and total disabled form parameters
  • Ready for SEO
  • Bootstrap design
  • Complete security and intrusion prevention
  • Requirements
  • Before starting the installation, make sure you meet the following requirements:
  • You can use this script on any live LINUX server.
  • Required PHP version for the server> = 5.4.
  • Php Mail’s mandatory feature is enabled on the server.
  • Instructions

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