Exicube Taxi App 1.6.0 ( GrabCab ) + iOS + Android + Web + Admin

You are currently viewing Exicube Taxi App 1.6.0 ( GrabCab ) + iOS + Android + Web + Admin
Exicube Taxi App ( GrabCab ) + iOS + Android + Web + Admin
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Exicube Taxi App 1.6.0 ( GrabCab ) + iOS + Android + Web + Admin

Exicube Taxi App Resources to create a taxi application, hire a driver using React Native (Expo) for iOS and Android. To get the best test case, always use different smartphones for the driver and the driver.

In the demo administration portal, cards, prices, promotions, etc. Editing and deleting of administration pages is disabled.
Features such as Email Verification, Driver Verification, and Ride OTP have been removed from the demo route. Anything that is disabled here in the demo will not be disabled in the downloaded source code.

Exicube Taxi App Similar technology:

  • Mobile Applications (IOS and Android) – React Native and Expo
  • Admin Portal and Website: React and Redux
  • Database: Firebase Realtime Database
  • Server-side API: Firebase Cloud Functions
  • Maps and Location API: Google
  • Instant notifications – Expo

Terms and disclaimers

  • Installation and installation can be done technically and easily. Information on React Native and Firebase is expected.
  • Source code, payment Firebase, and Google API cookies.
  • Exicube Taxi does not come with 6 months of support like other products sold on Codecanyon. Buyers tend to ask about the product and the installation process. We will respond until relevant. You will be asked for your purchase code.
  • We answer email inquiries. Please contact any request at [email protected] We only use email and respond within 36 hours.
  • You can customize the application as you like. However, we do not support any queues related to customizations.
  • Exicube Taxi is always on its stage. This is a very active solution with frequent releases. There may be bugs/bugs that will be reported when it is reported in the next update.



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