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DlE Forum Next Generation DLE Module

DlE Forum Next Generation 3.0 – DLE Module

DlE Forum Next Generation 3.0 is a very functional forum. The forum is designed for use with the DataLife Engine. The forum can be integrated into almost any existing layout and there are no restrictions on creating templates for it.
The main feature of DLE Forum is the low load on system resources. Using AJAX technology allows you to save traffic and reduce the load on the server.

General Features:

  • Uses the MySQL data store.
  • Minimum load of the database.
  • Using AJAX technology (jQuery).
  • CNC (requires modrewrite).
  • General statistics of the forum.
  • Support for additional domains.
  • Visitor rating (ranking).
  • Multiple language support.
  • Show popular topics in a separate block.
  • Built-in protection against unauthorized access.
  • Configure access to the forum for each group.
  • Forum statistics (Shows: how many posts, topics, users, 10 most active users, attendance records, last post).
  • Ability to subscribe to a topic when it is created.
  • Definition of search robots.
  • Create meta tags for topics.
  • Search the forum.
  • Theme icons.
  • Reputation of users.
  • Mobile version of the forum.
  • Record of alerts.
  • Surveys on topics.
  • View topics from your last visit.
  • Alerts (possibility of putting the user in reading mode).
  • Speed ​​bar (shows the complete plugin tree).
  • Be able to indicate the reason for the regulation.
  • Determination of the text of the reason for the edition.
  • Help section.
  • Possibility of thanking the user.

Opportunities for visitors and moderators:

  • Creation of themes.
  • Closing / Opening themes.
  • Elimination of themes.
  • Lifting of threads (Fixing).
  • Hide themes (Hide theme).
  • Editing of titles.
  • Changing problems.
  • New calculation of the forum statistics.
  • Show hidden topics.
  • Viewing active topics.
  • The result of lost topics.
  • Message editing.
  • Messages are being deleted.
  • Combine messages on a topic.
  • Transfer messages from one topic to another.
  • “Tell a friend” function.
  • Printed version.
  • Ranking (ranking).
  • Count the number of posts.
  • Search users by their IP addresses.
  • Drop-down menus.
  • BBCodes and emoticons (emoji).
  • File downloader.
  • Fixing the first subject message.
  • Disable the message counter in a specific section.
  • Preview as you create posts and topics.
  • Multiple moderation of threads and messages.
  • Send moderation messages.
  • Help (FAQ) for users

Administration Center Features:

  • Creation and organization of forums.
  • Ability to move messages to another forum while deleting a forum.
  • Classification of forums.
  • Fine tuning of access for each forum.
  • Set a password for the forum.
  • Ranks management.
  • Statistics and automatic control of the system.
  • Management of advertising materials for forums.
  • Configuration of user groups and control rights.
  • Ability to create individual moderators.
  • Creation of unlimited nesting of subforums.
  • Create a forum category (forum inactive for subforums).
  • Create a link to the forum (when you go, it will redirect you to the specified link).
  • Create categories and questions in the help section.

How To Free Download?

Download “DlE Forum Next Generation” now from the download button given below.

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