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Cwicly – The Ultimate WordPress Gutenberg Toolkit

Cwicly turns WordPress editor into a professional website builder. It’s time to start creating. Cwicly offers a completely overhauled version of Gutenberg’s website builder with optimized visual options, device-specific features, a huge library of templates, and high-speed performance that rivals the best-hand-coded websites.

We constantly create quality designs that fit every business and personality. Build your website in seconds while remaining unique with a simple click of a button. Save time and create faster using our designer-created elements, layouts, and themes instantly available in the Gutenberg editor. A combination here, a match there, one click and with a few customizations, you can open a unique and professional website.

Cwicly Features

  • Responsible design
    Cwicly is the only toolkit that makes efficient use of Gutenberg’s response functions.
    Customize each block on different device breakpoints in just a few clicks. Instantly preview and adjust your designs from within the editor. No more guessing for scroll effects, what you see is what you get.
  • High performance
    Cwicly only uses what it needs. Clean code and light load times provide unmatched performance that makes your website attractive to customers and search engines.
  • Dynamic content
    Whether you want to create a post template, hide a block for guest users, or display certain information, Cwicly is natively integrated with WordPress and ACF. Access all the information you need with ready-to-use options or add your own shortcode to access private data.
  • Duplicate / link blocks
    You can instantly duplicate blocks with one click. In linked blocks, any changes you make to the original block you copied appear in all duplicate blocks. You don’t need to spend hours trying to reproduce the same styles.
  • ACF Professional
    ACF Pro is included and integrated with Cwicly, unlocking the Repeater option that allows you to easily create and manage custom and repeatable dynamic data.
  • General colors and fonts
    No more back and forth. Manage your styles in one place. Define your global responsive settings and apply them anywhere on your site while seeing the results instantly visually.
  • Custom fonts and icons
    Add as many custom fonts and icons as you want and access them quickly and easily with Cwicly.
  • CSS Grid and Flexbox
    From CSS Grid builder and Flexbox builder to online block and table displays, you have the complete solution to bring any layout you imagine to life.
  • Scroll animations
    Bring your blocks to life with carefully selected animations that come to life on page scrolling. It’s time to give your website that little jazz touch.

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How to Free Download:

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