CS-Cart Ultimate and Multi-Vendor 4.13.2 SP2 NULLED

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CS-Cart Ultimate and Multi-Vendor released for markets with reseller enhancements, interface enhancements, and more

Importing easier for sellers
Multi-Vendor allows vendors to import CSV or XML files. This is done through so-called import presets. The presets tell the multi-vendor what columns or items are in the file and what product information to get.

Previously, each provider had its own presets. Even if the vendors imported similar files, each vendor had to install the preset separately. It can help you with this, but you have to do the same with another provider with the same file.

Starting with version 4.12.1, you can create a global preset that will be available to all providers. Teach various vendors how to import a file, and any vendor can import a similar file without any problem. If the supplier needs to change the preset himself, he can create his own copy of the global preset. This made importing easier for beginners but kept all functions for advanced users.

Communication between managers and suppliers
Previously, there was the “Ask the seller a question” module that allows the buyer to ask a question about the product. But in version 4.12.1 we had to rename it to “Message Center”. This is because the module now allows sellers to communicate with the market administration and vice versa.

The seller can communicate with the administration through the visual gear button on the various pages of the administration panel. In this case, administrators will see from which page they were contacted. Market managers can do the same. This makes it easy to discuss issues with specific products or import presets.

New module A for seller ratings
A new “Seller Ratings” module has been added to the CS-Cart for the Plus and Ultimate markets. It allows you to automatically divide the vendors into levels: bronze, silver, gold. There are many criteria and you can create your own formula to calculate the range.

After that, if you enable seller rating by rating and set it as the default, buyers will see the products of the top sellers above. In this way, you can encourage sellers to take action. For example, if your rating is heavily influenced by reviews, it’s best for sellers to make sure the reviews are good.

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CS-Cart Ultimate 4.13.2-SP2 NULLED

CS-Cart Ultimate 4.13.2-SP2 NULLED Russia


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