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Cryptonite 1.0.1 NULLED – Multi featured Crypto buy & sell software with Giftcard marketplace

Cryptonite is a multi-featured cryptocurrency exchange software. With support for multiple cryptocurrencies, you can buy and sell directly via wire transfer, credit cards or other compatible payment gateways.

Cryptonite supports all local currencies in the world (FIAT), with bank account lists for local deposits and withdrawals that can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies supported in the system. Exchange rates for each local currency can be set manually or automatically obtained from a trusted exchange rate provider.

To comply with local KYC and AML laws, it supports flexible KYC verification of its users as well as the ability to limit transaction volumes based on verification status.

Cryptonite Features

  • crypto wallets
    Cryptonite provides wallet functions to registered users with unique recipient addresses using escrow wallet providers (eg BitGo).
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies
    Cryptonite supports the trading of cryptocurrencies via direct bank transfer or payment gateways, with optional exchange fee settings.
  • Payment accounts
    User payment transactions are tracked for each supported currency with a list of bank accounts for local deposits and withdrawals.
  • gift card market
    Cryptonite supports gift card marketplace listing with users paying and making payments using their existing payment accounts.
  • KYC verification
    It supports flexible KYC verification with the ability to identify required documents and optionally set business limits based on verification status.
  • Role-based management
    The super administrator (first registered user) can assign specific administrative roles to selected users for delegation of administrative activities.
  • Real-time notifications
    Cryptonite automatically sends users email, SMS and platform notifications about their activities. This can be optionally enabled or disabled.
  • market chart
    A historical market chart is included for each supported Cryptocurrency.
  • geolocation
    User activities are tracked automatically based on their geographic location, this is used to determine the demographics of the country of their users.
  • Personalization and localization
    Cryptonite supports multiple color schemes, light and dark mode, and RTL layout. The system can be rotated 99% to any ISO position.

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