Crime Ground – Game Powered by vCity Engine

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Crime Ground - game powered by vCity engine

Crime Ground – Game Powered by vCity Engine

Crime Ground script for a game written on the VCity I engine, with two groups and multiple changes and additions

I made a great effort myself, I even bought a license
However, these files are based on version 1.6 of the receiver extracted from this site. An ardent person to create something of his own – this will be the perfect foundation.

What was added:

1. Fractions and division of functions (the store is also divided into floors)
2. added its own recaptcha system (there is a new one, but since version 1.6 and no recaptcha)
3.SMTP mail works fast with Yandex (did not check with others) (activation + password recovery)
4. Total integration of the payment system in UNITPAY
5.Clan system and clan levels and division into factions, clan ranking (even in the new version there is no such thing)
6.Three types of clan chiefs
7. Referral system (5% for replenishment with payments per unit of payment for the guest)
8.The avatar system that does not clog the server disk.
9.System of promo codes (you can specify the number of activations, the number of items required for the transfer)
10. Daily and monthly bonus system.
11. Improved game chat
12. Two thematic topics for groups
13. Good hiding of php file extension in browser with full optimization
14. Housing inventory system
15. Added a temporary supertype status.
16. removed a casino with name restrictions

Who will download this review, if you are a beginner in this business, prepare for the challenges.

1.First, you need to register a domain in google recaptcha and edit the index.php file in the root folder (search for recaptcha, there are 4 places to add keys)
2. Connect the game to the database (\ source \ other \ config. Php path)
3. Configure SMPT, the file required for configuration: \ source \ other \ SendMailSmtpClass.php
4. UNITPEY is structured in two files:
4.1 \ other \ sources \ index.php: here you need to enter the store id and secret
4.2 \ source \ pay \ config.php – hidden + store database data
5 Upgrade the battle and races and add items to the shops as they have been horrible from the start
6 little bugs with big smiles that I forgot to write or didn’t realize

How To Free Download?

Download “Crime Ground” now from the download button given below.

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