Country Restrictions for WooCommerce 1.1.0

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Country Restrictions for WooCommerce

Country Restrictions for WooCommerce 1.1.0

Country Restrictions for WooCommerce extension allows you to customize the purchase information displayed by country. Show users only products and payment methods available in their country. Improve the user experience of international customers.

Completely hide certain products, prices or the add to cart button. Automatically identify changes by country: the extension detects customers’ countries based on their geographic location. You can also choose to hide payment methods based on the country of the traveling customer.

Country Restrictions for WooCommerce Features

  • Hide specific products and categories
  • Hide prices or add to cart button
  • Hide payment methods from certain countries
  • Automatically detect customer geolocations
  • Replace the add to cart button and price with a custom text or link
  • Show an error message or redirect to another link when users access restricted pages with direct links.
  • Add different restrictions for different countries
  • Add restrictions at the product level or in bulk using rule-based management


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