ChargePanda 1.3 – Sell Downloads, Files and Services

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ChargePanda - Sell Downloads, Files and Services

ChargePanda is a Laravel-based PHP script that helps you sell downloads, sell files, and sell services on your own website. Regardless, it helps you sell all kinds of services and files with a graphic designer, web developer, business consultant, custom payment form builder. With PayPal and Stripe payment methods, you can charge your customers for your services (more methods will be available soon). With ChargePanda, you can also communicate with your customers by sending and receiving order messages.

ChargePanda Features:

Sell ​​Service:
ChargePanda is designed to help you sell your services as you sell them in different markets like By selling your services on your own website, you can save a lot of money that you pay in terms of commissions or platform fees. Our product is not limited to a specific niche, web development service, article writing, graphic design, etc. You can sell any service you want.

Sell ​​files or downloads:
Our product also helps you sell digital files and downloads with ease. For example, if you want to sell your WordPress software, plugin, or theme, simply add your files to the service as you create them. After successful payment, the files will be available to your Customer on the Order Details Page.

Messaging system:
Effective communication is the key to success. With this in mind, we have a messaging system in our Product that helps customers and suppliers communicate with each other by sending and receiving messages related to the requested Service.

Notifications / ringtone:
A Facebook-like notification system keeps customers and the manager updated with a bell icon. When a new order is placed or a new message arrives, a red notification on the bell icon will display the new notification.

Reservation inquiry:
This feature allows customers to communicate with the manager / vendor before purchasing the service or file. Each service contains a button that helps the customer to quickly send an email to the salesperson / manager.

Additional system:
You can increase your earnings by creating and adding plugins with the service. For example, if you sell a service for $ 10 and the delivery time is 3 days. You can add an express delivery plugin that will charge you an additional $ 5 or a certain amount for your customer’s express delivery.

VAT system:
This feature allows you to set up tax rules for the services or products that you sell with ChargePanda. You can set taxes at the national and state level, and even set taxes by state.

Multiple payment methods:
ChargePanda comes with 3 payment methods (Stripe, PayPal, and Offline Payments) out of the box. We will add more payment methods in the next versions and you can request the payment method you want to use in our product.

Payment form builder:
This feature helps you create unlimited custom forms with a drag and drop interface. It can be added to a service while it is being created. For example, you sell graphic services and need sample logos when ordering. Just create a form and add it to the service; Your customer is asked to upload sample logos.

Multilingual support:
This feature allows you to translate ChargePanda into your own language. No technical knowledge is required. We have created an easy to use user interface to help you add new languages ​​and add phrases in your own language. On the interface, your customers can change the language with one click.

How To Free Download?

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