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Calendarista Premium

Calendarista Premium 13.9 – Booking & Appointment Plugin

Download Calendarista Premium 13.9 – Calendarista is software designed to provide your customers with a faster and more efficient online booking experience. Our goal is to make it super fast and easy for businesses to add their services and start booking online. A complete hotel reservation system, car rental, apartment rental, travel agency, beauty salons, restaurants, etc. If you want, you can quickly and easily enable your website for online reservations.

The plugin offers 12 ready-to-use booking modes, 3 payment gateways, and if that’s not enough, it also supports Woocommerce, a custom form builder, flexible optional extras, Google maps to configure departure and destination and route distance calculation. and cost, a backend calendar to view your appointments, just to mention a few features.


  • Customers can book by choosing a single start date.
  • Customers can book by choosing a start date and starting time (multiple slot selection supported).
  • Customers can make a reservation selectively by filling in the start date and start time.
  • Customers can book by choosing a start date and time range.
  • Customers can book by selecting a date range.
  • Customers can book by selecting a date and time range.
  • Customers can book by selecting a date range that includes change days (check-in / check-out).
  • Customers can book a round trip trip by choosing the pick-up and drop off dates.
  • Customers can book a round trip trip by choosing their pick-up and drop-off dates in advance.
  • Customers can book by choosing a package: a package consists of one or more dates.
  • Customers can reserve multiple dates in any order, not sequentially.
  • Customers can book multiple dates and times in any order, not sequentially.
  • Set the available time slots as offers (see our Golf – Tee time demo).
  • Add a service or list multiple services on the frontend via shortcode.
  • Add to Google Calendar, iCAL and Outlook buttons for customization.
  • You can save your appointments on Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook etc. iCAL live streams to synchronize with (bidirectional synchronization).
  • Synchronize your appointments locally with Google Calendar (two-way synchronization).
  • Export to CSV.
  • Special fields: allow you to collect any additional information from the customer at the time of booking.
  • Unlimited categorized extras. Allow customers to add free or paid optional items.
  • Translations: WPML and Polylang compatibility. Translate in multiple languages.
  • Fully customizable email notifications sent to staff and customers.
  • SMTP Settings – Prevent email notifications from falling into the dreaded spam folder.
  • Customizable email reminders sent to your customers for upcoming appointments.
  • Accepted paid and non-paid booking – Customize at the service level.
  • Payments with WooCommerce.
  • Payments via Stripe and Paypal (supported out of the box, no third parties required).
  • Collect offline payments.
  • Seasonal rates are allowed.
  • Multiple date formats.
  • AM / PM or 24-hour time format.
  • Tax
  • Exit or exit entry fields and destination with autocomplete support for Google maps.
  • Predefined drop-down areas of departure or departure and destination locations.
  • Waypoints (stops) between origin and destination.
  • Calculate the cost per trip distance.
  • View the instructions on a live Google map on your site (no redirects).
  • Select the departure and destination point directly from the Google map using the right click context menu.
  • Let customers cancel the reservation with a time limit.
  • GDPR Compliant – Comply with EU laws on data protection and privacy.
  • Add staff – A staff member can manage appointments.
  • Vacation: take a break.
  • Discount coupons.
  • General calendar with daily, weekly and monthly view.
  • Deposits: Payment reminder on arrival at the facilities.
  • Create or edit an appointment from the backend.
  • View and manage appointments at the backend.
  • View and manage sales on the backend.
  • Design the reservation form by choosing a suitable color for your website design.
  • Add a search form with search attributes via shortcode – Let customers find matching offers.
  • Unlimited Guests – Let customers determine how many guests will attend.
  • Seats: Check your availability with seats.
  • Group reservation: allows your customers to choose more than one seat.

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How to Free Download:

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