Calendar Anything 2.26 – Show any existing WordPress custom post type in a calendar

You are currently viewing Calendar Anything 2.26 – Show any existing WordPress custom post type in a calendar
Calendar Anything

Calendar Anything 2.26 – Show any existing WordPress custom post type in a calendar

Calendar Anything – If you have a site and you already have an event plugin to manage your events, you can easily display these events in the awesome calendars on your site (eg in a widget, page, etc.). Gyms, schools, bars, restaurants, concert halls, etc. It is very useful for places.

Calendar Anything Features

  • Multiple calendar views
    Choose from the month, agenda, list, and basic view.
  • Add custom post types
    You can view any custom post type on your calendar.
  • Add various post types
    You can display multiple custom post types in the same calendar.
  • Add all events or only selected ones
    You can add all events of a custom post type or just the events you choose.
  • Unlimited calendar
    Create as many calendars as you want.
  • Ready-to-use themes
    Choose from 11 ready-to-use themes and create amazing calendars on the go!
  • Multiple calendars on the same page
    You can use multiple calendars on the same page.
  • Customizable calendars
    You can customize each calendar individually.
  • Unlimited style options
    Design the calendar the way you want! Choose the background color, borders, margins, padding options and much more.
  • Google Fonts
    Choose from a huge library of Google fonts and set the font you want for all the text on your calendar.
  • Date range
    You can set the date range of the calendar. All events outside the date range are hidden and navigation buttons are disabled.
  • Custom date and time format
    Easily set your own date and time format in various parts of your theme.
  • toolbar
    Select the navigation buttons you want to display in the toolbar.
  • Filtering events
    You can add a filter dropdown and give the user the ability to show only certain events.
  • Search for events
    Viewers can easily search and find events using our optional built-in search bar.
  • Activity limit
    If you have many events in the same day, you can set an event limit.
  • Custom Fields
    You can display custom fields in event templates (compatible with any custom field plugins like ACF, Types, etc).
  • Activity coloring
    If you wish, you can add colors to your event taxonomies and color your events according to your taxonomy colors.
  • Various types of events
    You can create repeatable events, all-day events, or multi-day events.
  • Event caching
    Enable caching of calendar events.
  • 2 event search modes
    Get calendar events using Ajax or preprocess them all.
  • Vehicle Information
    You also have the ability to add tooltips to your activities.
  • Location
    The dates and times in the toolbar and event template shortcodes match your default WordPress language.
  • Sensitive
    You can create truly responsive calendars with our plugin. This means you can see a different view on a larger screen than on smaller screens.
  • Compatible with WPML and Polylang
    Calendar Everything is truly compatible with WPML and Polylang. This means that all calendar entities (days, hours, etc.) are displayed in the correct language. It also captures the right events for each language.
  • Importation and exportation
    Easily export and import your custom calendar themes and reuse them on the go.


How to Free Download:

Note: You can download by clicking the below button,  If you’re facing trouble downloading “Calendar Anything”, please disable AdBlocker for this site or you can change your web browser to faster download. If you will face any issues, please contact us.

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