Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce 2.1.20

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Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce

Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce 2.1.20

Download Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce 2.1.20 – This extension focuses on adjusting sales, editing prices, changing stocks, easy batch updates, creating SKUs, product tagging and more. The editor also supports custom fields such as Wholesale, Your Price Name, Suppliers, and Cost of Goods.

The Bulk Table Editor can set prices in bulk, change stocks, set decimal values, and set fixed values ​​for products. Starting and stopping sales or offers is incredibly easy with the “net sell” feature. Disposal of the products can also be done in bulk without any problem. All these tasks are easier to accomplish thanks to the row filter feature. Quickly browse through the huge number of available products, product variations, and sales.


  • Batch update stock, price, sale price, sale start date and sale end date.
  • The batch determines the fixed price and the selling price.
  • Bulk prices are rounded up, down and to logical decimals such as 19.70.
  • Clear bulk sales.
  • Bulk removal products.
  • Batch update for Featured Products, SKUs, Tags, Back Orders, Availability, Weight, Length, Width and Height.
  • Easy to understand progress bar when saving new products.
  • SKU creation and other functionality to create unique SKUs in products and variations. Option to have SKU on editor homepage.
  • Option to set SKU render length
  • A column that shows sales by percentage.
  • Category selector.
  • Active sell filter.
  • Table editor for individual product values, including name.
  • Calculate the stock value per item based on the total value of the stocks.
  • Magnifier on product images (on mouse)
  • Adjust or change the product image (in other values ​​chart)
  • Download products (csv file)
  • Search and filter functionality.
  • Search for rows by name and / or price (starting)
  • Row search using name and / or SKU (other values)
  • Row search automatically remembers and filters on pagination
  • Supports unique products and variations
  • Supports subscriptions and variations.
  • User role types: store manager and manager.
  • Supports multisite network configuration.
  • Simple third party integrations.
  • It is done through a drop-down box ready for integrations.
  • It integrates directly and calculates the price for WooCommerce.
  • WooCommerce Merchants

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