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Brikk - Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

Brikk Nulled – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

Brikk is a list and directory theme suitable for any business such as reservations, restaurants, venues, events, job openings, classifieds, reservations, rentals, hourly reservations, experiences, and more. It will help you manage any listing and directory site and make money from them!

The modular framework includes a flexible drag-and-drop user interface that allows you to customize all elements such as list fields, custom rankings, page layouts, search forms, review criteria, submission forms, action types, and more. .

Brikk Features:

  • Elementor compatibility
  • Unlimited ad types. Create different types of lists for different groups
  • One-click demo import. You don’t need to start from scratch, use the demo importer and save time.
  • Earn money. We know how important it is to make money from your business. There are currently 3 built-in income earning methods:
  • Promoted Lists – Users can grow their list for a certain period of time.
  • Listing Plans – Create different package plans for your visitors to enable extended feature listing offerings. Free plans are also supported
  • Free: get a certain amount of your client’s earnings
  • Buildable Listing Front-End Submission Form – Use the modular framework to create your own submission forms. Group fields into separate sections (steps) for the pending submission process
  • Creatable Listing Fields – For each entry type, you can only have the entry required by your company. You can then choose which fields to display on individual pages and/or in the list box.
  • Single page buildable listing: You can reuse the modular framework to customize the layout of a single page. Choose from the customer areas you’ve created and create great content
  • Buildable Listing Search Forms and Filters – You can even have control over listing filter fields, which makes this tool so powerful.
    Generable list autocomplete results – set your own autocomplete criteria and choose which results to return
  • Customizable listing categories/ratings / ratings – Each listing group requires different categories such as amenities, colors, labels, regions. Now you can create your own categories and add them to specific ad types.
  • List of multiple actions. The listing action specifies what action users can take on the listing group. These are the available actions:
  • Daily booking
  • Reserve per hour
  • Appointment booking system
  • Follow Button
  • Submit the application
  • Send Message
  • site
  • Submit a request for a free or paid ad
  • Hours open: 24/12 hour format support
  • Send report
  • Integration with Zoom or other communication platforms through webhooks. It also supports WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Orbits, Intrado, ON24, Bizzabo, Hopin, and more.
  • Daily reservations: one day selection
  • Appointment reservations: date ranges
  • Appointment Reservations – Recurring Dates
  • Appointment reservations: set limits per appointment
  • Modular drag and drop user interface. Simple but powerful modular user interface
  • Strong and reliable modular framework
  • Direct user messaging system: Your visitors will be able to send instant messages to other users with the excellent chat-like messaging system.
  • User notifications and alerts: Push notifications will be sent for important events such as list expiration, new reservation entry, new user messages and more.
  • Dashboard and Charts – Within the user dashboard, visitors will be able to manage their content, listings, profile information, withdrawals, messages, reports, and more. Divided for 2 user roles: customer and company
  • Login: option to choose user role
  • User’s wallet and withdrawals: Your user can collect their winnings and request payment by PayPal bank transfer.
  • Dynamic price
  • Seasonal prices
  • Long-term prices> 7+, 30+ days
  • Security deposit
  • Additional prices> as cleaning fee
  • As add-on prices> airport selection
  • Guest-based pricing
  • Service fee
  • Host fee
  • Types of payment processing
  • Process full payment
  • Payment of the transaction percentage
  • Process security deposit only
  • Service fee for job only
  • Process full payment locally
  • All payments in the theme are handled by WooCommerce.
  • Allow minimum / maximum selection of guests
  • Advanced notification system: system emails, additional information, weblinks
  • Webhook integration with third-party tools like Zapier


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