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Best Support System NULLED

Best Support System 3.2.0 NULLED – PHP Script

Download Best Support System NULLED 3.2.0 – Best Support System is a self-hosted support ticket application. Manage support tickets, manage email tickets, collect any payments with PayPal. It has an easy installer so you don’t need any programming skills. We will keep updating it regularly and it has an automatic update feature.


  • Easy Web Installer – An easy-to-use, step-by-step setup wizard allows you to set up and run your service in minutes. It does not require programming knowledge.
  • Remote login to the server (Single Sign-On – SSO) – This is a private and unique feature. If you have any service that has many users available. And if you want to use the login of this service in this application, you can easily do that in this application.
  • Web Chat – Best Support System – Live Web Chat and Customer Service and Support Ticket Help Center – 1 Live Web Chat feature has been added. Your customer can contact your representative via live chat. You can configure everything easily
  • Knowledge Base – All sites are full of knowledge articles. If any visitor loses any of their information, he will always suggest it at ticket opening. Thus, it reduces the ticket volume.
  • Email to Ticket (Email Line) – Tickets can be created by simply sending an email. Replies to tickets can also be generated by replying to the same email.
  • User Comments – Comments are collected through private emails sent to the user with a Like and Dislike button. These buttons are linked to a feedback form that users can use to provide detailed feedback. It is a unique feature of this application.
  • Proactive Search – Easy to Use Search – Smart Search Engine can find relevant articles even with typos
  • Time Zone Control – is another unique feature of this app. Automatically checks the time zone based on your user’s IP. This means that the user will see the clock from the user’s time zone and the administrator will see the time from the manager’s time zone.
  • Highly Protected: Uploaded File Security, CSRF Protection, Brute Force Security, Automatic Fallback for Admin User Login Error, Automatic Suspicious IP Blocking You can manually block any IP or release any IP.
  • Special Fields by Category: While creating a ticket, you can specify a special field by category. We know that not all fields are suitable for all categories, so we can add fields for all categories or for a single category. You can also add the Envato purchase key verification entry box.
  • Social media integration: Envato has user login module of Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub and Yahoo. You can choose as much as you want. It has a nice control panel for social media integration.
  • Personalized payment: This is a very useful feature. You can set any amount of payment (ie accommodation fee, maintenance fees) for any service from any ticket, as required.
  • Envato module integration: support lifetime checks with product code verification and envato API and also login with Envato button
  • Multiple text editors – Use the rich text editor of your choice.
  • Customizable Roles and Privileges – Create user groups with roles and privileges of your choice and add targeted users to the group. You have full control over your application. You can create any named role with any privileges.
  • Additional Menus – Create your own custom menus from the admin panel
  • Easy to customize email templates and ready-made messages – Modify pre-existing templates to email customers. We don’t want to say much about this. Once we want to see it in live preview, you will see how easy it is.
  • Easy to customize instant message – Same as the email template. It’s easy to design or write any ready-made message.
  • Announcements or notifications: Create announcements or notifications for visitors or admin users, or both, with start and end times. Sometimes you may want to show any message to your visitor and then use it.
  • Multiple Theme and Any App Color – You have multiple themes and you can choose any color from this theme. We will be designing many themes from time to time in a future release. It has a function

Important: activation with any code or without a code!

How to Free Download:

Note: You can download by clicking the below button,  If you’re facing trouble downloading “Best Support System NULLED”, please disable AdBlocker for this site or you can change your web browser to faster download. If you will face any issue, please contact us.


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