BeLink 2.0.1 – Bio Link & URL Shortener Platform

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BeLink 2.0.1 – Bio Link & URL Shortener Platform

BeLink is the highest quality and most advanced URL shortener and bio link generator available. It can be used to easily create your own public or private website in minutes without any coding knowledge.

It has a modern, professional design, high-quality code, and an unrivaled feature set. Read more about the features below and try the demo site to see why BeLink is the best choice.

BeLink Features

  • Biolinks – Create links on bio pages in seconds. Effortlessly manage content with a simple drag and drop editor. Customize backgrounds, colors, fonts, button styles and other appearance settings with the visual editor.
  • Biolink Widgets – Add links, images, text, youtube, SoundCloud, Spotify, TikTok, twitch embeds, and more.
  • Workspaces / Teams – Create multiple workspaces and invite team members to collaborate on campaigns, links, custom spaces and more.
  • Link Rotors – Put multiple links in a group and use the group’s short link to redirect the user to a random link from that group.
  • Editable Landing Page: The default landing page can be easily edited via the built-in view editor with live preview and no coding skills.
  • (Optional) SaaS Mode – Earn money with a built-in premium subscription system. Create different plans for users to subscribe and check the features and limitations of each plan. PayPal and Stripe’s integration is fully integrated.
  • High Performance: BeLink is lightweight and has fast lighting performance and ready-to-use page load time.
  • API: Fully featured rest API allows you to perform every possible action on the website via REST API. Interactive API documentation is also included.
  • Link Statistics – Link reports allow users to view many statistics about their links, including the date and number of clicks, countries, referrals, devices, browsers, and more.
  • Connection Groups – Group multiple connections together to allow you to view statistics for all connections in that group and see how different groups are performing compared to each other.
  • Link Sharing: Share shortened URLs to Facebook or Twitter with one click from dashboard or link frame/presentation pages.
    QR Code – Generate and copy a fully functional Short URL QR Code with one click. Scanning the QR code will redirect to a long URL.
  • Custom Domains – Users can add custom domains and subdomains for their short links to use their site’s URL. The administrator can also set a domain other than the main site URL by default.
  • Link Overlays – The link placement redirect type displays a fully customizable overlay above the target website.
  • Link custom pages – Create fully custom HTML pages with the built-in WYSIWYG editor that can be viewed to the user before redirecting to the target URL.
  • Link Serving Pages: Presentation pages containing information about the destination URL and optional ads can be shown to the user before redirecting to the destination URL.
  • Programs: Links may be programs that will automatically become available and/or expire at a specified date and time. Links can also be set to expire after a certain number of clicks/visits.
  • Custom Link ID: Links can have short human-readable custom IDs instead of randomly generated strings.
  • Link metadata: Each link can have metadata, including tags, title, and description. This allows for easier link management and customization of the SEO tags of the link pages.
  • Password protection: Links can be protected so that only users with passwords are redirected to the target URL.
  • URL Validation – URLs can be automatically validated against a custom domain and keyword blacklist or using Google’s Safe Browsing API and Phishtank API.
  • Tracking Pixels – Tracking pixels for various services can be added to links to measure their performance.
  • Location and device targeting – Links can be redirected to different target URLs depending on the user’s device (mobile, desktop, etc.) or location.
  • Multiple URL Shortening – Easily shorten multiple URLs with one click.
  • Permissions and Roles – Use the full-featured Roles and Permissions system to allow (or disallow) users.
  • Much more..

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How to Free Download:

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