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BBQ Pro NULLED - WordPress Security Plugin

BBQ Pro NULLED helps keep your WordPress site safe by detecting and blocking bad requests. This helps conserve valuable server resources such as memory and bandwidth. BBQ Pro runs in the background, checking for all incoming traffic and blocking any URI requests that contain nasty stuff like base64_, eval (, .exec (and others).

BBQ Pro NULLED Features:

  • Strong firewall security
  • Plug-and-play functionality
  • No configuration required
  • Fully customizable firewall
  • Light, fast and flexible
  • Apache / .htaccess not required
  • Option to send email alerts
  • Quickly enable/disable rules
  • Disable BBQ for registered users
  • Block excessively long requests
  • Redirect all blocked requests
  • Show a custom message
  • Documentation on each screen
  • Easy access from the Help tab
  • Get complete information, tips, and more
  • Keeps plugin pages clean and tidy
  • Complete information on all functions
  • Quick access to documents and support
  • Hit counts for every pattern
  • Measure the success of your firewall
  • Adjust patterns and rulers
  • Check the perfect firewall
  • Bar chart of all count data
  • Supports advanced registration
  • Restore defaults with 1 click
  • Reset plugin settings
  • Reset basic patterns
  • Reset advanced patterns
  • Reset custom patterns
  • Reset plugin statistics
  • Powered by 6G Firewall
  • Powered by 7G Firewall
  • Built with BBQ Firewall (free)
  • Advanced firewall protection
  • Near zero false-positive rate
  • Built with over 15 years of experience
  • Fully customizable firewall
  • Edit any pattern as you like
  • Delete or disable any pattern
  • Add your own custom patterns
  • Destination URI, User-Agent, and more
  • Whitelist specific IP addresses
  • Try each pattern with one click
  • Try basic, advanced, and custom patterns
  • Test buttons update dynamically
  • View blocked requests
  • Personalize with confidence
  • Save time and clicks
  • Scans practically everything »
  • Parse the request URI
  • Scan the query string
  • Analyze the user agent
  • Scan the IP address
  • Scan the referrer
  • Silently protects
  • It’s super fast!
  • Block SQL injection attacks
  • Block the loading of executable files
  • Block directory traversal attacks
  • Block user spoofing
  • Even more reasons »
  • Read what users say about BBQ Pro »

How To Free Download?

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