Askk 1.0 – Android Social Questions/Answers Application

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Askk - Android Social Questions Answers Application

Askk 1.0 – Android Social Questions/Answers Application

Askk 1.0 is a great solution for those who need to quickly create a mobile app where people can ask any questions and get answers from the community for free.

Askk is a complete work template (UI + Source Code) where people can post, review and edit questions and answers, help users who need to know something about any topic, or just get answers to their own questions.
Users can also post anonymous questions / answers, report inappropriate content / users, like or dislike answers, and share questions on social media, email and SMS applications.
The administrator should check the database daily for knowledgeable content / users and take action on them.

The design is clean, the code is commented on, and the project folders and files are well organized in the package.


  • Java / XML Language – Android Studio Native Project – Edit the template however you want with the power of Android Studio and Java code.
  • Android 6.0 and higher, universal – run your app on about 80% of Android devices
  • Backend with XServer – It is very easy to create and configure a database in and also to use the XServer REST API hosted on your VPS server, built on an excellent and reliable BaaS that offers many features with just a few clicks.
  • Browse and Post Questions or Answers: Users are free to ask questions for an unlimited amount of time, according to various categories. They can answer any question, even anonymously.
  • Search for questions by keywords: Use the top search field to search for posts by typing in the search terms you want
  • Filter questions by trend, most recent and not yet answered, or by selecting a category – Top scroll bar displays category buttons to display questions by selection on the home screen
  • Report inappropriate users or content: People can assist the administrator by reporting malicious posts or users; this is a nice feature to build a stable and reliable community
  • Profile screen with avatar picture: the account screen lets you know who is in the community.
  • Profile name, username, e-mail, etc. Edit with – Edit your profile and show your identity to people, make yourself trustworthy
  • Identify the best answer on a question details page – the owner of the question can do this. This option gives the community the opportunity to quickly find good answers in practice.
  • Notifications screen: control who likes or replies to you. If you tap a row you will be taken to the user’s profile screen
  • Terms of Use and Privacy Policy HTML File (GDPR Compliant) – The template contains a “tou.html” file that the administrator can edit to show the terms of service to the application employees.
  • Automatic Notifications: Users will receive notifications for likes and new replies.
  • Google Login: People can quickly login with their Google account from the login page.
  • AdMob Interstitials – Earn Some Revenue From Fullscreen Ad Banners
  • Modern and clean design: The user interface has been carefully designed to give your customers the best user experience.
  • Online Documentation – Read this template’s comprehensive guide to properly set it up.
  • PSD Icons Included in the Package: Application icons and buttons are stored in a PSD folder for easy image exchange.

How To Free Download?

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