Aliexpress Dropshipping PRO Module 2.0.1 – Autosync

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Aliexpress Dropshipping PRO Module

Aliexpress Dropshipping PRO Module 2.0.1 – Autosync

Aliexpress Dropshipping PRO Module 2.0.1 is the #1 Aliexpress module for importing any product and combination from Aliexpress. Execute an order from Aliexpress. Update latest product information by a cron job, get tracking code, order id from Aliexpress.

Aliexpress Dropshipping PRO Module Features

Import all product information from Aliexpress to sell in your store:

  • Easily get all photos, sale price, size, photo, color, item, paraphernalia, specification, description, video of all products on Aliexpress from your store.
  • Adjust the selling price before importing products into your store to increase your profit margins.
  • Option to enable and disable your product’s “Shipping” information for your customers.
  • Using the price rules in the price settings of the module, automatic price adjustment saves you time when you want to constantly adjust the product prices.

Automatically transfer bulk products to your store with one click.

  • With this great feature, you only need to select the products you want to import. Select the category you want to save and click the “Auto Import” button. All products will be imported automatically.
  • It helps you save time when you want to import hundreds of thousands of products.
  • Automatically adjust prices with price rules to automatically import wholesale products for you.
  • For example, a product has a price of $50 on Aliexpress. The rule is where you set a price between $0-100 and increase it by 50% for each item with a price of $0-100. The module automatically adjusts the selling price of an item between $50 and $75 when you import products in bulk to your store. Very convenient for you, isn’t it?

Update the product information with the latest information about Cron jobs from Aliexpress.

  • Worried that it will take time to update all the products in your store? Don’t worry, we have a feature to automatically update the latest products with a Cron job. A powerful feature is that the modules are not available in the market.
  • With cron-job, the module will automatically update the latest information about the Aliexpress products in your store, such as the sale price and quantity of the product.
  • The module also automatically adjusts the price according to the price rule you set when updating product prices.

Aliexpress provides a dashboard with measurements to calculate your store sales for products.

  • Provides data about your sales for the current month.
  • It provides sales charts overtime for all products or specific products.
  • Provide an overview form for the income statement.
  • Provide the best Aliexpress products with large quantity purchases.
  • Provide the top tier with the highest sales.

Automate order processing and fill order information on Aliexpress with one click

  • After your customer purchases an item from your store on Aliexpress. Just click the “auto-order” button, the module will automate the ordering process and easily fill in the order information on Aliexpress.

Automatic updating of desired products with a one-click manual update.

  • In addition to smart features, update all Aliexpress products in your Cron-job store. The module also allows you to update specific products rather than complete products.
  • Select the products you want to update and then click the “Auto Update” button. The module will automatically update the products for you. Very flexible, isn’t it?

Get the tracking code, Aliexpress order ID easily.

  • After you pay for your Aliexpress order, the module will automatically get the Aliexpress order ID in your store.
  • After the order has been processed, Aliexpress has a tracking code. Just click the “Get Tracking Code” button. The module will automatically get the order tracking code from Aliexpress in your store.
  • Update store order status every time you get your order ID from Aliexpress, tracking code throughout the status of your order from Aliexpress to your store.

Get all reviews on all Aliexpress products

  • Every time you import a product from Aliexpress to your store. The module will accept all product reviews in your store.
  • You can also specify which comments you want to receive.
  • For example, if you only want to receive 5-star reviews, the module will only receive 5-star reviews for your product. Penalty fee.

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