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Advanced Custom Fields Pro WordPress Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields Pro 5.11.4 – WordPress Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields Pro is the perfect solution for any WordPress site that needs more flexible data like other content management systems. ACF PRO plugin includes additional 5th edition custom fields, repeater area, gallery area, flexible content, and page parameters. ACF Pro plugin is a GUI layer for custom fields, but it is not a “great one-click” plugin. This plugin allows you to easily save the post data but does not magically display it on the website. To do this, you need to edit your theme and create the markup you want. ACF Pro plugin is “light” yet powerful. You can create UI forms, general page variations, and even save custom field data for classification terms.

Advanced Custom Fields Pro Features:

The Field Group field contains your custom fields, positioning rules, and viewing options. Each “group” field uses the layout rules to display the fields in a specific edit screen, and then uses the display options on the screen to customize the page. A typical group field looks like this:

You can create your own fields in the group area. An example of this would be a group called “Artist” that contains 2 fields, “Biography” and “Works”.

Each field can change its type (text, selection process, checkbox, full edit mode, etc.), default value, required state, etc. It has a large number of different options that you can use to change it. You can purchase add-ons to unlock stronger areas. types: repeater area, gallery area, and flexible content.

Positioning rules
Similar to iTunes Smart Playlist rules, ACF Pro plugin positioning rules allow you to link different groups to the edit screen. There are different types of binders: by post, by ID number, by page template, by taxonomy, etc.

viewing options
When a group field appears on the edit screen, the parameters of that field are loaded automatically. They allow you to hide items on the page. For example, if you want the main editor to be hidden while the “Artist” field is displayed. This minimizes the editing screen and allows more convenient content placement.

Viewing ACF Pro Plugin Data in Your Theme
The AFC Pro plugin is very easy to use and has a powerful library of functions for loading and viewing private data. The plugin uses built-in WP post meta functions but also has the ability to format a value based on type fields and setting fields. This allows you to write less code and develop smarter websites!

The AFC Pro plugin requires prior knowledge and understanding of PHP code to modify your theme. After editing the correct template file, a simple the_field (‘hero_text’) will return the secondary value (display) and get_field (‘hero_text’) to use it as a variable. Be sure to read all the available features before starting your topic. This is to ensure that the code is written only once, with no changes!


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