Ad Overlay Anything 1.9.1 – Videos, Images or Text

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Ad Overlay Anything - videos, images or text

Ad Overlay Anything including embedded videos, images or text blocks, can show your ads on top of anything. Increase your ad visibility and site revenue by placing directly relevant ads on your most important content! You can use Ad Overlay Anything as a WordPress plugin or add it directly to your own web pages without WordPress.

Ads won’t be effective unless they’re seen, right? If your website visitors don’t see the ads you placed, you are losing leads and revenue.

Ad Overlay Anything allows you to place ads directly where visitors will look, increasing your ad views and click-through rates. This could be YouTube videos, Flickr images, important text your visitors are looking for … anything!

It also allows you to tailor your ads and link them to specific pieces of content. For example, if a visitor to your website is viewing certain content, they are more likely to be interested in products or services related to that content. Tailoring your ads in this way allows you to significantly increase your conversion rates and get the most out of your ad space.

For example, you can set Everything to run automatically on all videos or use shortcodes for specific ad placements.

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